Mitchell Products

DewCure 6 L/Ha

DewCure will suppress dew and moisture accumulation, provide drier playing conditions for both tournament and everyday play, cleaner mowing - less clumpy, and light frost control.

Terafirm 7 to 13 L/Ha

Terafirm facilitates faster soil dry-down, allowing faster access to play. Terafirm will reduce puddling, help prevent anaerobic soil conditions, promote downward water movement. Terafirm will not contribute to excess water holding.

Terreplex 2.2 to 8.9 L/Ha

Terreplex is used to manage soils high in Bicarbonates, pH, and/or unwanted salts. Terreplex will solubilze nutrients, stimulate microbial activity, release locked-up nutrients, open soil pores and improve flocculation, solubilize calcium and can be used as a descalent for irrigation lines.

TriCure AD 12 to 18 L/Ha

TriCure AD will prevent and cure the occurrence of localized dry spots in all turf situations. Tricure AD will also reduce hand watering, improve irrigation efficiency, promote even water distribution, reduce drought stress and improve plant health and promote increased root mass and length.

TriCure Granular 150 kg/Ha

TriCure Granular improves infiltration, penetration, and spreading of water in and through the thatch layer. Non-phytotoxic, reduces hydrophobic soil conditions, reduces localized dry spots and is an effective treatment of soil, thatch and organic matter.

TriCure Pellets

TriCure Pellets are an option of using the TriCure formula through a pellet applicator. Ideal for treating hot spots on greens to provide an immediate relief to stressed turf grass plants.

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