Nutrite 15-0-34 Soluble 1 kg/100 sq.mt.

Nutrite 15-0-34 soluble fertiliser contains 70% UFLEXX + Mg, Mn, Fe which makes this an ideal fertiliser for greens. Containing potassium nitrate, this is particularly useful for rapid recovery and green up of turf. It contains a balanced mixture of magnesium, manganese and iron to prevent nutrient deficiencies, especially in sandy soils.

Nutrite 24-3-18 Soluble 1 kg/100 sq.mt.

Nutrite 24-3-18 soluble fertiliser, contains 70% UFLEXX + Mg, Mn,Fe which makes this an ideal maintenance fertiliser for greens. This product provides a high rate of potassium for improved drought tolerance, greater disease resistance and improved wear tolerance. Being water soluble, Nutrite 24-3-18 is suitable for greens, tees or fairways.

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