Grass Roots

Grass Roots Bio VAM 20 – 40 L/Ha

Grass Roots Bio VAM is packed with beneficial plant and root stimulants and will quickly establish beneficial colonies on roots. Bio VAM will activate the plants defence/immune system and improve stress tolerance.

Grass Roots Pro Kelp 25, 50 L/Ha

Pro Kelp 25 is a great choice for stimulating new root and shoot growth in turfgrass. Contains only Tasmanian Bull Kelp which is economical to use in broadacre situations.

Grass Roots Replenish, 10 L/Ha

Replenish encourages root growth and promotes stronger, healthier plants. Replenish improves the availability of phosphorus and potassium whilst stimulating root growth and moisture uptake.

Growth Formulation 10 L/Ha

Grass Roots Growth Formulation is a blend of root hormone stimulants, which is designed to encourage the formation of the turf grass root system. Ideal to use when assistance is required with the establishment of cultivated turf from scarifying, sprigging or corings.

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