MESA® is a unique nitrogen source that combines ammonium sulfate with methylene urea in a single, homogeneous particle. The result is an extremely effective and controlled nitrogen source that produces consistent, dark green color without excessive growth. Unlike coated nitrogen technologies, MESA® does not lose its slow-release properties when cracked, chipped, crushed or broken.

Country Club® MD is an innovative fertilizer from LebanonTurf developed to provide superior turf quality and golf course playability. It is uniquely formulated to consistently deliver the optimum nutrients and stress-buffering biostimulants that your playing surfaces need to stay healthy all season long. It utilizes a unique, highly dispersing homogeneous granule technology that includes the stress-buffering biostimulants sea plant kelp meal and humic acid. Country Club MD features Meth-Ex® slow release, methylene urea nitrogen combined into an SGN 80 particle size that is ideal for putting greens.

UFLEXX® stabilized nitrogen fertilizer is specially formulated for the professional lawn care and landscape markets. This unique product helps to protect against all three forms of loss – leaching, denitrification and volatilization – allowing time for nitrogen (N) to move into the root zone and stay there longer. As a result, there is immediate green-up, followed by sustained turfgrass color for up to 8 weeks.

UMAXX® stabilized nitrogen (N) fertilizer provides protection against all three forms of nitrogen (N) loss – leaching, denitrification and volatilization. It is a urea-based product with a 46-0-0 analysis, containing both urease and nitrification inhibitors. A completely soluble granular, UMAXX® fertilizer is equally effective whether spread dry or dissolved in a spray mix.

Isodure™ is a unique, slow release nitrogen source that delivers more water insoluble nitrogen WIN (89%) than any other slow-release nitrogen source. Isodure™ releases nitrogen through dissolution and hydrolysis and is independent of microbial activity and soil temperature making it a clear choice for turf managers seeking a nitrogen source available in a wide temperature range. With a salt index of 5, Isodure™ is safer to apply than most non-coated nitrogen sources. Benefits include reduced nitrogen loss, less thatch build-up and limited surge growth all season long.

DURATION CR® controlled-release fertilizer relies on a patented and durable polymer-coated technology to gradually and efficiently release nutrients. The result is the consistent metering of nutrition that lasts for weeks, even months, with fewer applications. This consistency helps to take the worry out of maintaining healthy turfgrass and plants for turfgrass managers, lawn and landscape professionals and specialty ag growers.

NUTRALENE® slow-release fertilizer is a methylene urea (MU) source with a guaranteed analysis of 40-0-0. The consistent, long-lasting release of nutrition for up to 16 weeks provides a cost-effective, low-maintenance solution to effectively increase root growth, which helps to improve turfgrass health.

Methydure methylene urea slow release nitrogen is a trusted technology that has a gradual, consistent release. Mthydure allows for the effective feeding of turfgrass with fewer applications for up to 12 weeks with a decreased risk of nitrate leaching or runoff.

N-Fusion homogeneous fertiliser provides uniform coverage and exceptional turf response. N-Fusion rapidly dissolving granules technology minimizes mower pick-up with a light irrigation. The highly visible white granules allow for ease of application and ensures maximum results.

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