TriCure AD 12 to 18 L/Ha

TriCure AD will prevent and cure the occurrence of localized dry spots in all turf situations. Tricure AD will also reduce hand watering, improve irrigation efficiency, promote even water distribution, reduce drought stress and improve plant health and promote increased root mass and length.

  1. General Details

    TriCure AD is an advanced surfactant (wetting agent) formulation unique in its ability to treat the widest variety of soil types and soil organic components. TriCure Ad is typically effective on soils in which other products fail, and can be used on sand-based root zones as well as natural soil types with higher concentrations of silt, clay and organic matter. The unique combination of both water holding and penetrant characteristics helps provide the optimum balance of moisture and drainage necessary for growing and maintaining healthy turf.

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  6. Application Rates

    12 to 18 L/Ha or 120 to 180 ml/100

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