T FAIR Fairway Surfactant 1.5 to 3L/Ha

Mitchell Products T FAIR can be applied throughout the growing season to prevent hydrophobic conditions and to conserve water. Applications of T FAIR work best if applied to turf grass before the onset of localised dry spot or drought stress. T FAIR does not need to be watered in immediately, but ensure that T FAIR is watered in to the depth of the rootzone when irrigating it in.

  1. General Details

    T FAIR is a non-phytotoxic soil wetting agent, designed to improve water movement into soils at cost-effective low rates. T FAIR was developed for superintendents seeking the benefits of a wetting agent at an affordable price for applications to fairways and sporting fields. Specifically designed to treat native soils, T FAIR provides protection against LDS when used in a soil moisture program.

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  6. Application Rates

    1.5-3lt per Ha monthly (up to every 2 weeks as needed)

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