Quali-Pro Twister 3L/Ha

Quali-Pro Twister is an effective knockdown insecticide that also prevents and stage larvae from growing to the next stage. Twister is absorbed through the cuticle and ingested by insects, and it remains residual in the soil and translaminar throughout the plant.

Venom 240 SC 500ml – 1.8lt/Ha

Venom 240 SC is a high load insecticide that has a high residual, low application rate and has a low odour.. Venom 240 SC is a synthetic pyrethroid (Class 3A) insecticide. It works via direct contact or by the pest ingesting the active ingredient during feefing.

Warden 750 ml/Ha

Warden, for the control of Argentine Stem Weevil, Mole Cricket and Funnel Ants. Ensure incorporation with at least 6 mm of rainfall or overhead irrigation immediately after application.

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