Activator 125 ml/100 L

Activator is a low foaming, non-ionic surfactant. Ideal to use with dry flowable pesticides that tend to foam when mixing. Turf Managers consider this most beneficial because it reduces time lost to waiting for foam to settle, enabling quicker filling and return to applying the chemistry.

Algaefix 1 lt/100 L of water

Algaefix works by membrane disruption, due to its strong positive charge. Algae, mould and bacteria possess a negative charge. Algaefix binds and attaches to the algae, mould or bacteria and causes the cytoplasmic membrane to leak, creating so much damage to the cells that eventually the algae, mould or bacteria die.

Foam-Ex 200ml/1000 L water

Foam-Ex enables faster filling, foam suppression, improved safety and is compatible with most chemicals.

Hasten 1 L/100 L

Hasten Spray Adjuvant  will improve your spray results by increasing the penetration through waxy cuticles, increasing wetting and spreading of spray droplets and reducing spray droplet evaporation rates.

Kendocide 50 ml/5 L

Kendocide is used to control moss and algae in lawns.

Longlife Marking Foam

Longlife Marking Foam is Australia's premium marking foam used to identify areas sprayed in large broadacre areas. Using Longlife Marking Foam prevents missed application areas and over sprayed areas. It is environmentally compatible and safe to use.

Pulse 200 ml/100 L

Pulse penetrant is an organosilicone surfactant specifically designed to increase the uptake and resulting herbicidal activity on difficult to penetrate weeds including "woody weeds". It allows the spray solution to wet even the most hairy or waxy and difficult to wet surfaces as experienced with many woody weeds. 

Quatrabuff 80 ml/100 lt water

Qutrabuff is abiodegradable wetter-spreader for use as a buffering agent with alkaline sensitive pesticides and herbicides such as glyphosate, organophosphates, carbamates, synthetic pyrethroids and chlorinated hydrocarbons.

Spreadwet 1000

Spreadwet 1000 is a biodegradable non-ionic wetting agent. It will assist in uniform spray coverage and droplet spread. Contains 1000g/L non-ionic wetting agent. Use whenever a non-ionic wetting agent is recommended on pesticide labels.

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