Terreplex 2.2 to 8.9 L/Ha

Terreplex is used to manage soils high in Bicarbonates, pH, and/or unwanted salts. Terreplex will solubilze nutrients, stimulate microbial activity, release locked-up nutrients, open soil pores and improve flocculation, solubilize calcium and can be used as a descalent for irrigation lines.

  1. General Details

    Terreplex is a carbon-rich acidifier derived from the lignin in trees. Terreplex can be used to reduce bicarbonates and/or unwanted salts that may negatively impact turf quality, improve soil pH, convert locked nutrients into forms that are more available to plants, open soil pores, improve flocculation and stimulate soil microbes. Unlike sulfuric acid which is classified as hazardous, Terreplex can be safely handled and stored and requires no special equipment for injection or spray applications.

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    2.2 to 8.9 L/Ha or 22 to 89 ml/100 sq.mt.

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