Arrowtown Browntop

Arrowtown Browntop has medium green foliage, exceptionally fine and dense, recovers rapidly from renovation and is suited to closely mown turf.

Egmont Browntop

Egmont Browntop has a medium green colour and fine leaf texture, exceptional quality as a golf green, proven top performer for over 30 years.

Mackenzie Bentgrass

Mackenzie Creeping Bentgrass has excellent year-round performance, uniform putting surface, excellent wear performance and reduced fungicide requirements.

Manor Browntop

Manor Browntop has outstanding fineness and density, light green colour which helps mask Poa annua invasion and is suitable for low or high maintenance lawns.

Penn A 1 Bentgrass

Penn A 1 Creeping Bentgrass has superior wear tolerance, is a very dark colour, outstanding heat and cold tolerance and quick spring recovery.

Penn A 4 Bentgrass

Penn A 4 Creeping Bentgrass has a dark green colour, aggressive growth habit, exceptional heat and cold tolerance and fine leaf texture.

Penncross Bentgrass

Penncross Creeping Bentgrass has strong seedling vigour, aggressive growth, good wear tolerance, good dollar spot resistance and medium dark blueish colour.

Pure Distinction Bentgrass

Pure Distinction Creeping Bentgrass has excellent resistance to bacterial wilt, brown patch, fusarium, anthracnose, dollar spot and leaf spot, excellent heat and cold tolerance and recovers quickly.

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