Activator 125 ml/100 L

Activator is a low foaming, non-ionic surfactant. Ideal to use with dry flowable pesticides that tend to foam when mixing. Turf Managers consider this most beneficial because it reduces time lost to waiting for foam to settle, enabling quicker filling and return to applying the chemistry.

AgriTec 1-16lt per 1000 sq.mt.

AgriTec weakens algae's defence layer, allowing natural bacteria to consume it. AgriTec can be poured into the water manually after calculating the volume of water to be treated and measuring the quantity of AgriTec necessary to attain a concentration of 0.06ppm of copper.

Algaefix 1 lt/100 L of water

Algaefix works by membrane disruption, due to its strong positive charge. Algae, mould and bacteria possess a negative charge. Algaefix binds and attaches to the algae, mould or bacteria and causes the cytoplasmic membrane to leak, creating so much damage to the cells that eventually the algae, mould or bacteria die.

Andersons Model 2000 Rotary Spreader, ASP8099

The Andersons 2000 Rotary Spreader is a state-of-the art spreader designed with the operator in mind

Ecodye Blue Pattern Indicator

Ecodye Blue Pattern Indicator is an economical dye ideal for local government, golf courses and commercial spraying contractors who are used to spraying large areas.

Foam-Ex 200ml/1000 L water

Foam-Ex enables faster filling, foam suppression, improved safety and is compatible with most chemicals.

Foursome Turf Pigment1.2 L/Ha

Foursome Turf Pigment can be used for colour improvement and growth during the cooler months of the year. It may also improve spring green up and establishment. Foursome will also block out harmful UV, but allow light waves into the plant that are required for photosynthesis. Can be used on all turf grass species.

Green Links Tour 1.4 L/Ha

Green Links Tour is a turf enhancement solution for a deeper green color for golf course fairways and sportsfields. Green Links Tour is versatile as a stand-alone turf colorant and is compatible with most common active ingredients. Green Links Tour can be used on greens at slightly lower rates, see label for details.

Hasten 1 L/100 L

Hasten Spray Adjuvant  will improve your spray results by increasing the penetration through waxy cuticles, increasing wetting and spreading of spray droplets and reducing spray droplet evaporation rates.

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