SST Australia

Aquaforce 50 L/Ha

Aquaforce provides rapid penetration, excellent re-wetting, long term performance and breaks down the hydrophobic build up in thatch. and soil.

Bi-Agra 50 L/Ha

Bi-Agra is designed for free draining (sandy) turf profiles to assist in water retention. In situations where water is lost due to run-off, evaporation or rapid drainage applications of Bi-Agra can improve utilization and reduce usage of water. Moisture content can be increased by up to 5x in the root zone at field capacity. Can last up to 6 months. Apply early November and early January.

Broadwet 50 L/Ha

Broadwet can be used in all broadacre turf situations  to maximise water efficiency from reduced run-off and provide rapid penetration through vertical and lateral infiltration. It is a non-ionic surfactant and is an economical treatment to improve the wetting ability of the soil.

Injectaforce 4 L/Ha

Injectaforce is an economical wetting agent developed for direct injection irrigation. It provides faster entry of water through the turf thatch zone and soil surface. Injectaforce will reduce water run-off and is suitable for well draining maintained surfaces. It can be applied through a boomspray.

Pinnacle 50 L/Ha

Pinnacle is an economical solution to prevent dry patch in golf greens. It is sensitive to turf varieties, long lasting and allows for good water retention and has excellent re-wetting abilities.

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