Bumper 625 EC 2.4 L/Ha

Bumper 625 is registered to control Spring Dead Spot and Dollar Spot in turf management situations. An economical treatment for large areas, it is both a preventative and curative fungicide that provides control for up to 28 days.

Chief Aquaflo 4.5 to 9 L/Ha

Chief Aquaflo is a broad spectrum fungicide that controls Brown Patch, Fusarium, Spring Dead Spot, Curvularia and Helminthosporium diseases in all recreational turf areas.

Citadel 3 to 6 L/ha

Citadel is a systemic fungicide that is used to control Dollar Spot, Fusarium Patch, Dreshlera, ERI and Bipolaris. Citadel provides protection inside the leaf which will not wash off.

Magellan 12.5 kg/Ha

Magellan is a high quality water dispersible formulation. It has minimal odour, disperses in water very well and will stay in solution for a long period of time. A true systemic fungicide for Pythium control.

Patriot 2 to 3 L/Ha

Patriot has high rainfastness capabilities, has a broad spectrum of disease activity, contains two unique active ingredients for turf with differing modes of action, and provides contact, translaminar, mesosystemic and systemic activity.

Triumph 1.7 to 3.5 L/Ha

Triumph is ideal to use on young seedlings for Damping Off, and is registered to control all forms of Pythium diseases in turf. A micro-emulsion, turf specific formulation that has minimal odour and mixes completely with water and has good tank mix flexibility.

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