Ecodye Blue Pattern Indicator

Ecodye Blue Pattern Indicator is an economical dye ideal for local government, golf courses and commercial spraying contractors who are used to spraying large areas.

Foursome Turf Pigment1.2 L/Ha

Foursome Turf Pigment can be used for colour improvement and growth during the cooler months of the year. It may also improve spring green up and establishment. Foursome will also block out harmful UV, but allow light waves into the plant that are required for photosynthesis. Can be used on all turf grass species.

Green Links Tour 1.4 L/Ha

Green Links Tour is a turf enhancement solution for a deeper green color for golf course fairways and sportsfields. Green Links Tour is versatile as a stand-alone turf colorant and is compatible with most common active ingredients. Green Links Tour can be used on greens at slightly lower rates, see label for details.

Pro Mark

Pro Mark is a bio-degradable, blue turf spray pattern indicator. Ideal for use in back packs or boom spray appliances. Blue dye is preferred on golf courses, playing fields as it is more aesthetically acceptable to players and patrons. Pro Mark allows for accurate application of chemicals in a convenient, non staining formulation.

Sensipro Blue Granular Spray Pattern Indicator & Lake Colourant

Sensipro Blue Granular Dye is in an ultra high strength, and easy to use granular formulation for ease of use. The rapid dispersion technology sets this product apart from regular spray pattern indicators.

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