African Black Beetle

Adults grow into 10-15mm shiny black beetles. The males have a thickend tarsus on the front leg to help them burrow.

Argentine Stem Weevil

The mature adult is a dark grey to black weevil with mottled grey body markings and a protuding snout up to 3mm in length.

Argentinian Scarab

The adult beetle is the same size and shape to the African Black Beetle but is a mid tan colour with subtle striping on the hard outer covering.


The immature Billbug is a legless, creamy white C shaped larvae with an orange head capsule and a body up to 10mm in length.

Black Cutworm

Mainly found on bentgrass greens. The larval stage appears as a smooth bodied, dark coloured caterpillar with longitudinal lines.

Couchgrass Mite

The immature Couchgrass Mite is a translucent bodied mite which is invisible to the naked eye at only 0.1-0.15mm in length.


Earthworms do not feed on live plants, the turf surface may be disrupted from earthworm activity usually when the sun appears after rain.

Lawn Armyworm

Lawn Armyworm is a damaging pest when in the larval life stage. The larvae are a soft bodied caterpillar with a dark coloured body.


Plant parasitic nematodes feed on plant roots. Varieties include: Sting, Spiral, Sheath, Ring, Root Lesion, Root-knot and Stubby.

Sod Webworm

Sod Webworm is a thick caterpillar up to 25mm long with a pale green-brown body that is marked with characteristic dark spots.

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