Casper 1.2 kg/Ha

The wide spectrum broadleaf weed specialist in a convenient water dispersible granular formulation.

Destiny 25 to 150 gr/Ha

Destiny is a post-emergent selective herbicide for the control of certain broadleaf weeds and grasses in turf. Safe for use on Kikuyu.

MCPA 750, 1.8 L/Ha

MCPA 750 is a broadleaf herbicide used to control many hard to kill weeds in turf, such as Capeweed, Dandelion, Thistle, Wild Turnip plus many more. Can be tank mixed with other herbicides.

ProForce Duke 100WG 100-150g/Ha

ProForce Duke 100WG is safe to apply on Kikuyu and Couchgrass to control a wide range of weeds and grasses in sportsfields and fairways. For the best suppression of Wintergrass, it is best to target younger weed plants.

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