Quali-Pro Evolution

Preventative Planning for Fairy Ring Control; Quali-Pro Evolution is not only registered for the control of Fairy Ring, it also is registered to control; Dollar Spot, Winter Fusarium, Helminthosporium, Anthracnose and Brown Patch. Take a look at this short video featuring Glenn Gibson-Smith.  

Quali-Pro Enclave

Quali-Pro Enclave quad control technology provides multi-site protection delivering strong eradicant, curative & preventative performance. Enclave Fungicide is registered for control of Brown Patch, Fusarium Patch, Anthracnose, Dollar Spot, Helminthosporium, Grey Leaf Spot and Spring Dead Spot in all recreational turf management situations.

Oasis Turf partner with Adama as Quali-Pro Agents

Oasis Turf and Adama are pleased to announce that Oasis Turf has been appointed as an Agent for the Quali-Pro Range of Turf Products in Australia. “We are excited to be partnering with Adama and the Quali-Pro Range of products, we believe we can successfully offer and support the range which will continue to grow […]

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