Bindii is a winter growing annual weed, low growing and has a rosette growth habit. Also known as Jo-Jo Weed or Onehunga.


Capeweed generally occurs in winter, typically after autumn rains. Capeweed can be a hardy weed and should be controlled early.

Cats Ear

Cats Ear has yellow flowers that resemble a dandelion, if you break the stem it will secrete a milky residue.

Creeping Oxalis

Creeping Oxalis form a dense mat and takes over large areas, suffocating anything growing underneath.


Crowsfoot seed heads appear from late spring or early summer and can have 10 spikelets on each long stem.


Cudweed is common in poor soils, is a prolific seed producer which can multiply quickly through seed dispersal.


Fleabane, also known as butterweed or horseweed is a genus of flowering plants in the sunflower family.

Mouse Ear Chickweed

Mouse ear chickweed spreads by seed, so ideally, should be removed before it has the chance to flower. Usually flowers from April to November.

Onion Grass

Onion Grass is a problem weed of turfgrass areas. Normally seen on golf course roughs, it can invade fairways.


Paspalum is a perennial grass weed that spreads through the transportation os sticky seeds, which adhere to animals and equipment.


Plaintain is common weed in turf especially once the soils has been disturbed and is moist. Flowers from mid spring through until summer.


Ryegrass is a cool season perennial grass with a tufted growth habit, glossy dark green leaves and resistance to many herbicides.

Summer Grass

Summer Grass will compete for nutrients and space against desirable turfgrass species or when turf is this and open.


Thistle is an invasive species in some parts and infestations can quickly increase in density and can dominate vegetation.

White Clover

White Clover usually occurs in parkland and golf fairways throughout early winter and spring. It flourishes with heavy rainfall or irrigation.

Winter Grass

Winter Grass can establish itself at any time during the year but is prevalent in winter and spring. Also known as Poa annua.

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