Creeping Oxalis

Casper 1.2 kg/Ha

The wide spectrum broadleaf weed specialist in a convenient water dispersible granular formulation.

Fairway 4 to 5 L/Ha

Fairway will provide a quick weed knockdown as well as being one of the broadest spectrum broadleaf weed herbicides available on the market, registered to control 11 weeds.

Methar Tri Kombi 4.2 L/Ha

Methar Tri Kombi is a selective broadleaf herbicide that controls: Bindii, Capeweed, Creeping Oxalis, Clover, Fat Hen and Wireweed plus many more invasive weeds in all turf situations.

Spearhead 5 L/Ha

Spearhead is the industry leading broadleaf weed control option in the turf industry.

Sportsground 4.2 L/Ha

Sportsground is an effective broad spectrum herbicide safe to use in all turf situations for broadleaf weeds. The active ingredients are: Mecoprop, MCPA and Dicamba. Controls Bindii, Capeweed, Catsear, Fat Hen, Pealwort, Mallow and many more weeds in turf.

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