Independently owned since 1997, Oasis Turf have been providing specialist products, unmatched service and expert product knowledge for the Victorian and Tasmanian turf industry.

It has been our goal to assist our customers in their quest for turf excellence.

Our Difference

Relationship, experience, personalised service, innovation and exceeding customer expectations are at the forefront of what sets Oasis Turf apart.

  1. Our Service

    Service means a lot to us. When we started in 1997, we did so determined to be recognised for supplying the products our customers were looking and for excellence in customer service.

    Today, all our staff have that same customer service ethic which is supported by in house systems. This has seen us develop into a company that supports the industry and become a supplier that can deliver consistently.

    The relationships we have with our customers are friendly, respectful and consultative. The mutual trust we have developed and maintained is something you can rely on and that we are proud of.

  2. Our Work Ethic

    Work ethic to us doesn’t just mean we work hard! It means we’re there when you need us. Long hours and long days come with the territory. But that’s not all.

    We also take the time to continually educate ourselves, innovate and gain the knowledge and experience necessary to increase our contribution to our customers and the industry. It gives us enormous satisfaction to know we are going above and beyond to deliver.

  3. Our Products

    Since our inception we have continually searched locally and overseas for the latest products and innovations that will assist turf managers in their daily work programs. We have introduced a number of companies to the Australian turf market including  Growth Products, Mitchell Products, Lebanon Turf and Wilbur Ellis.

    Today we have a comprehensive range and choice which gives our customers  access to genuine tailored product solutions.

    Our search for new and innovative products continues today!

    Search our product range here.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create and build an organisation that is a recognised and valued partner to the turf management industry and our clients. We do this through a tireless pursuit of product and service excellence.

This is an ongoing journey for us underpinned by our thirst to build and share product knowledge and innovation along with a desire to deliver exceptional customer experiences consistently.

Success for us is measured by our ability to build lasting relationships based on value, mutual respect and trust.

Our Directors

Rick Henley
Rick Henley
Rick Henley is the co-founder of Oasis Turf and Chief Executive Officer. He has qualifications in Turf and Business Management, and has been in the turf industry since 1980.
Peter Harrington
Peter Harrington
Peter Harrington is the co-founder of Oasis Turf and Chief Operating Officer. He is qualified in turf management with over 35 years experience in professional sports turf and the turf seed industry.

Company milestones

March, 1997

Oasis Turf formed by Rick Henley and Peter Harrington.

April, 1999

Introduced Growth Products liquid range of fertilisers to Australia.

June, 2001

Introduced Lebanon Turf fertiliser range to Australia.

October, 2001

Oasis Turf moves to expanded facilities in Braeside with the acquisition of new product lines.

February, 2005

Introduced Wilbur Ellis fertiliser range to Australia.

February, 2010

Delivery capability doubles with extra staff added to maintain delivery and customer service standards.

March, 2011

Our first forklift on the truck joined our fleet to assist with volume deliveries, service speed and safety.

August, 2011

Gained the distribution rights of the Nutrite range of fertilisers to Victoria.

May, 2012

Oasis Turf moved to a larger warehouse in Carrum Downs allowing us to store more product to meet the increasing demand.

July, 2013

Introduced Mitchell Products wetting agent range to Australia.

March, 2018

Oasis Turf opens a facility in Hobart making us the only mainland company with a branch in Tasmania that specialises in the turf market.

Proud Supporters and Distributors of

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PGG Wrightson
Wilbur Ellis

Industry Memberships

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