Arena 1 Ryegrass

Arena 1 is winter active, has increased wear recovery, low temperature germination, and rapid establishment.

Arrowtown Browntop

Arrowtown Browntop has medium green foliage, exceptionally fine and dense, recovers rapidly from renovation and is suited to closely mown turf.

Avanex Colosseum Ryegrass

Avanex Colosseum Ryegrass contains AR95 unique endophyte technology, witer active, fast germination and attractive glossy mid-green colour.

Avanex FAQs

Avanex technology grasses may be expected to be less attractive to feeding by herbivorous birds. This can be of benefit for parks, golf courses and airports.

Avanex for Airports

Avanex for airports are a solution to birdstrikes. Bird strikes mostly occur during take-off and landing phases, so a grass that reduces the attractiveness of airports and their surrounding areas to bird activity by habitat modification could be an important part of an airports long term solution.

Avanex for Sportsfields

Grasses with Avanex can reduce bird populations through post digestion feedback (where birds that feed directly on the grass feel ill after feeding and learn to avoid the area).

Avanex Jackal Tall Fescue

Avanex Jackal Tall Fescue contains AR601 unique endophyte technology, dark green colour, rapid establishment rate and lower mowing requirements than forage types.

Avanex Lagertha Tall Fescue

Avanex Lagertha Tall Fescue is a moderately fine, dense tall fescue which is dark green and has excellent colour retention. Contains AR601 Unique Endophyte Technology which is extremely useful in situations where birds and unwanted herbivore feeding of turf grass is an issue.

Azay Blue Sheep Fescue

Azay Blue Sheep Fescue has a fine leaf texture, low growth habit, moderate dark blue colour and a slow rate of verticle growth.

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