Acelepryn 1.5 L/Ha

Acelepryn provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control with a single application. Up to 6 months protection at the higher application rate.

Acelepryn GR 75 to 150 kg/Ha

For the control of African Black Beetle, Argentine Stem Weevil, Argentinian Scarab, Billbugs and other insect pests in turf.

Agador 1-2 L/Ha

For the control of Sting Nematodes, Ring Nematodes and Couchgrass Mites in turf. Agador uses a unique chelating formulation that enables root zone positioning where it is needed to effectively control root damaging nematodes.

Apollo 500 ml/Ha

Apollo is for the control of Couch Mite eggs in all turf situations. Apply Apollo as part of an early curative program after the first symptoms are observed. Apollo can be tank mixed with a registered rate of a knockdown miticide, apply a maximum of 2 sprays, 10-14 days apart.

Fivestar 3L/Ha

Fivestar will control Scarab Beetles and Weevils in sportsturf, including African Black Beetle, Billbug and Argentine Stem Weevil. It is a water based insecticide that is economical to use in a broadacre situation.

HiGran 500 ml/Ha

Higran is used for the control of Couchgrass Mite in turf. Apply Higran in an early curative situation (after first symptoms are apparent). Best results are achieved if applied as populations begin to build rather than at the peak of population growth.

Indemnify 625 ml – 1.25 L/Ha

New mode of action delivering fast, effective, long term control of plant parasitic nematodes. Not a scheduled poison and minimal PPE requirement for application.

Meridian 1.2 kg/Ha

Meridian is particularly active against the 1st and 2nd instar larvae of the most destructive turf infesting grub species. Apply around peak egg laying period by adult beetles. Flexible rate range with residual control for up to 3 months.

Merit 2.5 L/Ha

Merit is unmatched in its spectrum of control, being labelled for 14 difficult insect pest species.

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