Grass Roots Range

Balance 24, 20 to 50 L/Ha

Balance 24 is a cost effective liquid fertiliser for broad acre use that is compatible with PGR's. Balance 24 will promote photosynthesis production, thereby enhancing turf colour.

Carbon Plus, 20 to 60 L/Ha

Carbon Plus contains 9% Calcium which is a key component of cell walls maintaining their membrane structure and nutrient uptake. Calcium is also beneficial in sodium displacement and improves soil structure.

Green Blast 22, 20 to 60 L/Ha

Green Blast 22 is a slow release nitrogen fertiliser that contains trace elements and organic acid which will promote growth and colour in all turfgrasses. The complete analysis is 22-0-0 & 4% Fe, 2% Mg, 1% Mn, 1% Organic Acid. It also contains 50% slow release as urease inhibitors.

Nitro 8 Iron, 20 to 30 L/Ha

Nitro 8 Iron contains the key elements that provide colour and growth. The Nitrogen will assist in the uptake of Iron, plus the added 1.5% Fulvic Acid will assist in stimulating plant growth.

Platinum 5 Plus, 30 L/Ha

Platinum 5 Plus is a carefully selected range of nutrients is designed to promote healthy turf. Combined with Kelp and Organic Acids, turf mangers should expect to see strong colour and growth in their turfgrass.

Stand Up 45, 15 L/Ha

Stand Up 45 is the ideal product to use for hardening up turfgrass before stressful periods, either extreme heat or cold. The addition of Fulvic and Organic Acid will aid in th euptake of Potassium through the roots and leaf.

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