Dollar Spot

Banner Maxx 5 to 10 L/Ha

Banner Maxx is an excellent choice to use early curatively, after first disease symptoms become evident.

Interface Stressgard 12.5 L/Ha

Controls disease for up to 28 days when applied preventatively. Unsurpassed, long lasting control of 6 key diseases, outstanding turf safety and no DMI growth regulatory effects.

Medallion 3 L/Ha

Medallion attacks germinating spores and developing fungal mycelium to rapidly clean and protect external surfaces.

Posterity 0.5 to 1 L/Ha

Posterity is the latest SDHI fungicide in the turf market, it provides exceptional control of Dollar Spot, is long lasting and has excellent rainfastness.

Reserve Stressgard 13 to 24 L/Ha

Reserve Stressgard uses an innovative and premium Chlorothalonil formulation, effective control of a broad spectrum of key diseases. Low risk of resistance development due to multi-site mode of action.

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