Leaves of infected plants turn yellow to a light tan to brown before dying. Young leaves can turn red, Basel stem and leaf sheath's rot.

Brown Patch

Brown discoloured circular patches, ranging from a few centimetres up to a metre in diameter, sometimes with a smoke ring of mycelium.

Couchgrass Decline

The lower leaves become chlorotic and irregular saped patches up to 1 m in diameter start to appear.


Individual leaves initially show yellow and green dapple patterns that extend downwards from the leaf tip.

Dollar Spot

Sunken circular tan coloured spots, may coalesce into larger areas. Humid, cool conditions may see the development of white mycelial growth.

Fairy Ring

Fairy Ring can present in rings or arc shapes or irregular patterns. Type ll and lll symptoms are not devastating to turf.


Initial symptoms are small lesions on leaf blades, leaf tissue turns yellow and severely infected leaves will die.

Pythium Leaf Blight

Pythium Leaf Blight appears suddenly during hot, humid weather. Infected leaves become light tan to brown, shriveled and matted when dry.

Pythium Root Rot

Affected turf may appear thin, off colour and growth slows. It may occur in patches or as a general decline of large areas.

Red Thread

Dead leaves are interspersed amongst uninfected leaves giving an overall diffuse, scorched or ragged appearance to the patch.

Seedling Damping Off

Damping Off appears as blighted seedlings. Individual seedlings are stunted with water soaked leaves.

Spring Dead Spot

Circular patches of bleached, straw coloured dead grass appear in spring as the dormant grass regrows.

Take-All Patch

Take-all patch symptoms begin as a slight reddening or bronzing of bentgrass usually in a ring in the summer months.

Winter Fusarium

Circular patches appear as small. Water soaked spots less than 5cm in diameter. Patches change in colour.

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