Amendments-Granular Nutrition

Oasis Turf supplies a wide range of granular NPK and straight fertilisers suitable for spreading either on small areas or for broadacre situations. Normally packaged in 20 and 25 kg bags, however, some products can be supplied in Bulk bags upon request.

Amendments-Soluble Nutrition

Oasis Turf supplies a wide range of soluble nutrients used in remediation of soils, or as nutrients for maintenance applications.

Bladerunner Crumble

Bladerunner Crumble is an ideal organic fertiliser ideal for use at renovation time. Bladerunner Crumble will promote microbial and earthworm activity which bind the soil particles together to improve soil structure.

Seamungus Green

Seamungus Green is a soil and plant conditioner manufactured by composting seaweed, fish, humic acid and manure. Seaweed contains naturally occurring growth stimulants along with a huge range of other essential elements. The mini size granule make this ideal to use on greens and tees at renovation time.

Wilbur Ellis Granular Gypsum

Wilbur Ellis Granular Gypsum reduces high salt levels in soil as well as high bicarbonate levels, and is an excellent source of calcium and sulphur to the soil.

Wilbur Ellis Pelletized Dolomite

Wilbur Ellis Pelletized Dolomite is a 23.5% Calcium Carbonate and 9.5% Magnesium Carbonate product used to correct nutrient levels and yo adjust pH.

Wilbur Ellis Pelletized Lime

Wilbur Ellis Pelletized Lime is a 35% Calcium Carbonate amendment used for correcting calcium levels as well as adjusting the pH in soils.

Wilbur Ellis Slow K 0-0-41 150 kg/Ha

Wilbur Ellis Slow K 0-0-41 is a coated potassium product for soils that are deficient in potassium. Ideal for use at renovation if potassium levels are low, or used prior to upcoming periods of plant stress. Benefits include consistent release of potassium over an extended period and reduced potassium loss due to leaching.

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