Colin Campbell Chemicals

250 GT 18 L/Ha

250 GT is an economical fungicide used to control Brown Patch, Dollar Spot, Fusarium, Helminthosporium and Spring Dead Spot. Rates range from 9-18 L/Ha.

Dacogreen WeatherShield 720 20 L/Ha

Dacogreen WeatherShield720 is a broad spectrum fungicide that uses Weathershield Technology that improves sticking capabilities, improves rain fastness, and the smaller particle size means that it spreads evenly for turf protection.

Liquid DEK 41.5 L/Ha

Liquid DEK is a liquid version of the popular fungicide Mancozeb. Liquid DEK is a contact fungicide that forms a protective barrier around the plant tissue (i.e. chemical barrier between the fungus and the plant) and is recommended to be applied every 7-14 days depending on the general stress of the plant. Controls Brown Patch, Fusarium ans Helminthosporium.

Proplant 6.5 L/Ha

Proplant will protect new seedlings from all Pythium species (Damping Off). After seeding has taken place, apply at least 1 application of Proplant, subsequent applications will greatly enhance the chance of reinfection.

Protak 6.5 L/Ha

Protak is used to control Dollar Spot in all turf situations. Applied at 6.5 L/Ha it is a locally systemic fungicide that will move into the plant surface.

Sceptre 230SC 1.6 L/ha

Sceptre 230Sc can be used as a preventative or curative for Anthracnose, Brown Patch, Dollar Spot and Winter Fusarium. Low rates make this an affordable product to be part of a program.

TMTD 20 L/Ha

TMTD is a contact fungicide that works by forming a protective barrier around the plant tissue (i.e. chemical barrier between the fungus and the plant). TMTD should be applied every 7-14 days to control Brown Patch, Damping Off, Fusarium and Helminthosporium.

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