Agador 1-2 L/Ha

For the control of Sting Nematodes, Ring Nematodes and Couchgrass Mites in turf. Agador uses a unique chelating formulation that enables root zone positioning where it is needed to effectively control root damaging nematodes.

  1. General Details

    Agador is used to control Ring and Sting Nematodes and Couchgrass Mites in turf. Apply in an early curative situation (after appropriate nematode extraction, identification and counts). Wash application in with 3 to 6 mm of irrigation. Apply up to 3 consecutive applications at 14 and 21 days intervals. For Couchgrass Mite when pest pressure is low use at the lower rate, use at the higher rate when pest pressure is high. Apply 1 to 2 consecutive applications at 21 to 28 day intervals.

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    1 to 2 L/Ha or 10 to 20 mm/100

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