Proplant 6.5 L/Ha

Proplant will protect new seedlings from all Pythium species (Damping Off). After seeding has taken place, apply at least 1 application of Proplant, subsequent applications will greatly enhance the chance of reinfection.

  1. General Details

    Proplant is both a preventative and curative fungicide for Pythium control. It works by the leaf, stem and roots of the plant absorbing Proplant which allows the product to spread throughout the plant in a systemic upwards action giving long residual protection. A a curative measure, Proplant attacks the cell membrane of mycelium, eliminating the fungi and preventing new spores from germinating. It also acts as a preventative by protecting the plant against any invading pathogens.

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    6.5 L/Ha or 65 ml/100

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