Bumper 625 EC 2.4 L/Ha

Bumper 625 is registered to control Spring Dead Spot and Dollar Spot in turf management situations. An economical treatment for large areas, it is both a preventative and curative fungicide that provides control for up to 28 days.

  1. General Details

    Bumper 625 is a broad spectrum fungicide containing 625g/L of the active ingredient Propiconazole. It is specifically registered for the control of Spring Dead Spot and Dollar Spot in turf. Bumper 625 is a systemic fungicide that is absorbed by the roots and leaves which then moves upwards within the plant. Bumper 625 is a Group 3 fungicide and is classified as a DMI inhibitor as it stops the demethylation step in the biosynthesis of ergosterol, a vital component of cell walls in many fungi.

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    1.2 to 2.4 L/Ha or 12 to 24 ml/100 sq.mt.

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