MD Country Club Advantage

MD Country Club Advantage

Country Club MD is an innovative fertilizer from LebanonTurf developed to provide superior turf quality and golf course playability. It is uniquely formulated to consistently deliver the optimum nutrients and stress-buffering biostimulants that your playing surfaces need to stay healthy all season long. It utilizes a unique, highly dispersing granule technology that includes the stress-buffering biostimulants sea plant kelp meal and humic acid. Country Club MD features Meth-Ex® slow release, methylene urea nitrogen combined into an SGN 80 particle size that is ideal for putting greens.

Oasis Turf has the following Country Club MD Range in stock now;

18-3-18 78% Meth-Ex with Fe, Mg, Mn

20-0-10 40% Meth-Ex

22-0-16 64% Meth-Ex with Fe, Mg, Mn

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