Syngenta Turf Rewards

Turf Rewards is back – with extra benefits! BUSINESS   01.10.2020 Turf Rewards has been running for four years. Growing every year, this program from Syngenta Turf & Landscape gives turf managers an opportunity to earn great industry education opportunities. Something that is more important than ever after a tumultuous 2020, where personal development opportunities […]

Casper Broadleaf Herbicide Profile

The broad spectrum broadleaf weed specialist TURF   01.06.2020 CASPER Turf Herbicide is a unique turf specific post-emergent herbicide combining two active ingredients Dicamba and Prosulfuron. Unlike agricultural Herbicides Casper was developed specifically for use in Turf. The addition of Prosulfuron delivers stronger control solutions than Dicamba can offer in isolation. The combination provides turf […]

Syngenta Spring Bonus Offer

Landscape Spring Bonus Offer Landscape 01.07.2020 Spring is on it’s way, which means it’s time to start thinking about improving your hedges and preventative weed control in your garden beds. TRIMMIT growth regulator, improves the appearance of hedges while cutting down labour costs – helping you keep your plants in shape for less. Recent trials […]

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