Casper Broadleaf Herbicide Profile

Casper Broadleaf Herbicide Profile

The broad spectrum broadleaf weed specialist



Broadleaf Weeds

CASPER Turf Herbicide is a unique turf specific post-emergent herbicide combining two active ingredients Dicamba and Prosulfuron. Unlike agricultural Herbicides Casper was developed specifically for use in Turf. The addition of Prosulfuron delivers stronger control solutions than Dicamba can offer in isolation. The combination provides turf managers with the next generation of weed management delivering highly effective control of broadleaf weeds including hard to control Khaki Weed (Alternanthera pungens), a common weed in South East Qld and Northern NSW

Why CASPER works so well

  • Speed of active ingredients
    The complementary active ingredients operate at different speeds within the target weed. Dicamba is the faster of the two and the early results observed can be attributed to it. Prosulfuron is slower but extremely effective in delivering the complete kill. Together they are perfect partners for broadleaf weed management.
  • Supporting modes of action
    Dicamba makes the target try to grow at an accelerated and uncontrolled rate. This rapid growth response places considerable pressure on the supply of critical amino acids that support it. Prosulfuron cuts the supply of those critical amino acids starving the target of these desperately needed proteins. In combination they create a highly efficacious broadleaf weed control solution. The combination of the two active ingredients leads to complete desiccation of the weeds.
  • Resistance management tool
    Prosulfuron offers an excellent resistance management partner. It belongs to a different group (Group B) so offers control of weed bio types that may have over time developed resistance or tolerance to commonly used broadleaf weed control herbicides like: Group I’s (2-4 D, MCPA, Clopyralid, Dicamba), Group F’s (diflufenican) & Group C’s (Bromoxynil).

Broad spectrum

CASPER offers broad spectrum post-emergent control of broadleaf weeds including Khaki Weed (Alternanthera pungens) as well as a wide spectrum of weeds of significance in turf grass situations.

Weed Spectrum Casper

Excellent turf safety

CASPER has shown excellent turf grass safety under extensive trials. Turf managers can use CASPER with confidence knowing it will not impact on most desirable turf species.

Turf Safety Casper

Ease of use – reduction of operator risks

Specially formulated as a WDG (Water Dispersible Granule) CASPER is easily mixed to a homogenous suspension. Individual pack sizes of 1 kg are ideal for easy of mixing as 1 kg treats 1 hectare. CASPER comes in ready to use packages that are easily disposed of, and do not create any HSE issues when filling tanks in regards to the lifting of heavy containers, and other risks associated with using larger pack sizes of pesticides.

Product Summary

Casper Product Summary

full label and SDS should always be consulted before using a product.

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