Balance 24

Balance 24

Balance 24 is the latest product in the Grass Roots Range distributed exclusively through Oasis Turf.

Developed specifically for turf, this 12-0-12 & .5% Fe is an ideal fertiliser for general turf maintenance, and is ideal to mix with PGR’s for broad acre turf applications. The nutrients in Balance 24 are 100% water soluble for rapid plant uptake, and no special agitation is required.

Balance 24 provides an optimal 1 to 1 ratio of N & K, with the N source being urea and K source is the highest grade potassium carbonate. Since all the nutrients are in a soluble form, turf can respond within a few days of application.

Apply at 20 to 50 L/Ha every 14-28 days.

Available in 20, 200 & 1000lt

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