Soil Testing & Analytical Services

Oasis Turf offer a soil testing and analytical service for all customers. Contact your Oasis Turf Account Manager for this onsite service.

  1. General Details

    Oasis Turf’s analytical service includes;

    Soil Analysis – we provide a complete nutrient analysis that consists, soil pH, CEC, Base Saturation, available nutrients, as well as providing the solutions to get the soil back to the desired level.

    Plant Tissue Analysis – the report consists of the nutrient levels in the leaf tissue sample, as well as what action is required to achieve the desired level for a healthy plant. Includes % Nutrient Concentration of N, P, K, S, Ca, Mg, Na as well as PPM Nutrient Concentration of Fe, Mn, Zn, Cu, B, Mo.

    Disease Identification – the report includes what disease may be present as well as treatment plans for the disease.

    Nematode Extraction – the report includes the types and numbers of nematodes present, plus recommendations on treating the nematodes if required.

    Irrigation Suitability Analysis – the report on your water sample details pH, Conductivity (d/S/m), SAR, RSC, Total Cations & Anions, Total Soluble Salts and Cation/Anion Ratio.

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