Quali-Pro Marvel Ultra 120 ME

Quali-Pro Marvel Ultra ME is registered for the regulation of leaf and stem growth, as well as a turf management aid across a range of turf species and growing regimes. It is rainfast in 3 hours, and it will increase the quality of the final cut, promote rich colour, lateral stem and root mass development.

  1. General Details

    Quali-Pro Marvel Ultra ME, is a plant growth regulator formulation containing 120 g/L of the active ingredient Trinexapac-ethyl. Marvel Ultra 120 ME is a micro-emulsion formulation possessing a patented, unique emulsification package which enhances product stability, improves rainfastness, spread, coverage and movement of Trinexapac-ethyl into the plant. Trinexapac-ethyl inhibits gibberellic acid biosynthesis late in the pathway resulting in significant reduction in cellular elongation and internode length.

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  6. Application Rates

    400 ml – 8 L/Ha or 4 to 80 ml per 100 sq.mt.

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