Nitro 8 Iron, 20 to 30 L/Ha

Nitro 8 Iron contains the key elements that provide colour and growth. The Nitrogen will assist in the uptake of Iron, plus the added 1.5% Fulvic Acid will assist in stimulating plant growth.

  1. General Details

    Nitro 8 Iron is a high analysis formulation of Nitrogen and Iron which will provide immediate green up and growth. The analysis of 12-0-0- & 8% Fe plus 1.5% Fulvic Acid is ideal to be used for spring green up, prior to tournaments or as part of a fertility program. The added biostimulant will aid plant health, reduce stress and assist in plant growth. Nitro 8 Iron can also be tank mixed with Primo and other technical grade chemistry.

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  6. Application Rates

    20 to 30 L/Ha or 200 to 300 ml/100

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