Mitchell Products Pellet Applicator

A better way to apply TriCure AD™ for protection against Localized Dry Spots and water-repellent soil.

  1. General Details

    TriCure pellet-applicator

    An upgrade to the existing hose-end pellet applicators for dispensing TriCure Pellets is now available. Our new applicator has a better, more durable valve and nozzle, and a new design for water rotation within the chamber to help pellets dissolve evenly.

    The Liquid-Pro applicator provides an alternative to spray rigs and back-pack sprayers for applying TriCure AD. This applicator makes it easy to apply high-viscosity liquids through a hose application by metering the proper fluid volume for a given spray area.


    • Patented Cloudburst™ nozzle evenly distributes TriCure AD, insuring uniform coverage
    • Polybottle has full quart capacity with easy-to-read measurements
    • Venturi siphon mixes proper amount of TriCure AD into the water flow
    • Adjustable metering dial offers 10 additive settings including “Water Only”


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