3-D Herbicide

  1. General Details

    3-D Herbicide, is a sedge and broadleaf herbicide which is safe to use on Couch, Fescue, Kentucky Blue and Ryegrass. It contains 192g/L bentazone, 112g/L MCPA and 19g/L dicamba. It has a low odour, schedule 5 characteristics, making it safe to use in public environments. Provides excellent control on Creeping Oxalis, Fleabane, Bindii and sedges.

  2. Order Enquiry

    3-D Herbicide is excellent on sedges and a number of broadleaf weeds. It controls weeds at most stages of development and is safe to use in public environments.

  3. Product Label
  4. SDS
  5. Tech Sheets
  6. Application Rates

    6 to 20 L/Ha or 60 to 200 ml per 100 sq.mt.

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