Earthworms do not feed on live plants, the turf surface may be disrupted from earthworm activity usually when the sun suddenly appears following rainfall.

  1. General Information

    The ingested organic material that is excreted by earthworms that lay on the turf surface are small, granular aggregates containing substantial amounts of plant nutrients. The deposited casts are sometimes objectionable in closely mown turf; however, the beneficial effects of earthworms often outweigh any problems resulting from their activity. Carefully weigh the long term advantages and disadvantages before deciding that a chemical control measure is required.

  2. Treating Solutions
    Taser Pro 800 WP 1.8 kg/Ha

    Taser Pro 800 WP, is registered for the control of earthworms in turf situations. Please note; that earthworms are considered as beneficial in turf for soil aeration, thatch control, water penetration and the addition of bacteria and organic matter.

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