The immature Billbug is a legless, creamy white C shaped larvae with an orange head capsule and a body up to 10mm in length.

  1. General Information

    Adult Billbugs deposit their eggs within the plant stem, where the larvae develop and feed on the plant. It is this stage of development that the most severe damage is inflicted to turf grass. As the larvae continue to develop they exit the plant and begin to feed on the stem and roots. Visible turf injury results as larvae burrow down through the stem of the plant towards the crown which destroys the stems and evetually results in the death of the plant. This can often appear similar to the symptoms of fungal diseases such as Dollar Spot.

  2. Treating Solutions
    Meridian 1.2 kg/Ha

    Meridian is particularly active against the 1st and 2nd instar larvae of the most destructive turf infesting grub species. Apply around peak egg laying period by adult beetles. Flexible rate range with residual control for up to 3 months.

    Tempo Xtra 2-5lt/Ha

    Tempo Xtra is registered to control 9 pests, including difficult insects to control such as Argentine Stem Weevil, and Couch Mite.

    Spinner 1 kg/Ha

    For the control of Argentine Stem Weevil larvae, multiple times throughout the spring/summer period. Can be applied from spring onwards for Scarab Beetle larvae, Billbug and caterpillars.

    Acelepryn 1.5 L/Ha

    Acelepryn provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control with a single application. Up to 6 months protection at the higher application rate.

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