Argentinian Scarab

The adult beetle is the same size and shape to the African Black Beetle but is a mid tan colour with subtle striping on the hard outer covering of the wing.

  1. General Information

    The Argentinian Scarab has a one year life cycle, 2-4 weeks as eggs, 10-11 months as larvae, 4-5 days as pupae and 1-4 weeks as adults. Adults emerge from the pupal stage in summer when soil temperatures begin to warm. Peak laying period is late December, eggs hatch 2-4 weeks later and larvae begin to feed on turf roots. Damage is reminiscent of drought stress.

  2. Treating Solutions
    Meridian 1.2 kg/Ha

    Meridian is particularly active against the 1st and 2nd instar larvae of the most destructive turf infesting grub species. Apply around peak egg laying period by adult beetles. Flexible rate range with residual control for up to 3 months.

    Tempo Xtra 2-5lt/Ha

    Tempo Xtra is registered to control 9 pests, including difficult insects to control such as Argentine Stem Weevil, and Couch Mite.

    Acelepryn 1.5 L/Ha

    Acelepryn provides unmatched, season long grub and caterpillar control with a single application. Up to 6 months protection at the higher application rate.

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