Nematode varieties include: Sting, Spiral, Sheath, Ring, Root Lesion, Root-knot and Stubby.

Plant-parasitic nematodes are a group of nematodes which feed on plant roots which causes damage to turfgrass.

  1. General Information

    Symptoms of plant damage include galled roots, presence of cyst bodies, declining and discoloured root system, root tissue growing strangely, inhibition of root growth or death of cells on which they feed. Above the ground symptoms are often found in a random patchy pattern and include chlorosis, wilting, reduced growth and vigour, stunting, thin, weak or dead areas.

  2. Treating Solutions
    Indemnify 625 ml – 1.25 L/Ha

    New mode of action delivering fast, effective, long term control of plant parasitic nematodes. Not a scheduled poison and minimal PPE requirement for application.

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