Couchgrass Mite

The immature Couchgrass Mite is a translucent bodied mite which is invisible to the naked eye at only 0.1-0.15mm in length.

  1. General Information

    As the Couchgrass Mite mature the adult stage is slightly larger with a creamy white elongated abdomen up to 0.2mm long. Adult Billbugs deposit their eggs within the plant stem, where the larvae develop and feed on the plant. It is this stage of development that the most severe damage is inflicted to turf grass. As the larvae continue to develop they exit the plant and begin to feed on the stem and roots. Visible turf injury results as larvae burrow down through the stem of the plant towards the crown which destroys the stems and evetually results in the death of the plant. This can often appear similar to the symptoms of fungal diseases such as Dollar Spot.

  2. Treating Solutions
    Agador 1-2 L/Ha

    For the control of Sting Nematodes, Ring Nematodes and Couchgrass Mites in turf. Agador uses a unique chelating formulation that enables root zone positioning where it is needed to effectively control root damaging nematodes.

    HiGran 500 ml/Ha

    Higran is used for the control of Couchgrass Mite in turf. Apply Higran in an early curative situation (after first symptoms are apparent). Best results are achieved if applied as populations begin to build rather than at the peak of population growth.

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