Take-All Patch


Take-all patch symptoms begin as a slight reddening or bronzing of bentgrass usually in a ring in the summer months. As the new bentgrass dies resistant grass species or weeds invade the centre of the patch..

  1. General Information

    Conditions Favouring Disease

    Take-all patch is normally found in swards that are predominately bentgrass. In most cases, take-all patch affects newly established areas that have been sterilised prior to establishment. Alkaline irrigation water or rootzones with high alkaline buffering capacity. Symptoms are most common during the summer months.

    Management Tips

    Improve drainage, application of lime, increase manganese levels, remove thatch, maintain a balanced nutritional program.

  2. Treating Solutions
    Bayfidan 6 L/Ha

    Bayfidan is a broad spectrum, reliable, systemic fungicide, which is a standard for controlling Dollar Spot and Take-All-Patch.

    Headway Maxx 9 L/Ha

    The only dual systemic fungicide that controls and prevents all major turf diseases.

    Banner Maxx 5 to 10 L/Ha

    Banner Maxx is an excellent choice to use early curatively, after first disease symptoms become evident.

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