Leaves of infected plants turn yellow to a light tan to brown before dying. Young leaves can turn red, Basel stem and leaf sheath’s rot, affected plants are easy to pull out.

  1. General Information

    Conditions Favouring Disease

    Warm, humid conditions favour disease development. Temperatures over 25 degrees C. Motre than 10 hours a day of leaf wetness for consecutive days, soil compaction and low amounts of nitrogen also contribute to disease occurrence.

    Management Tips

    Decrease foot traffic, maintain adequate nitrogen and balanced fertility, irrigate the turf grass just enough to prevent wilting. Make preventative fungicide applications where the disease is a chronic problem.

  2. Treating Solutions
    Dedicate 2 to 3 L/Ha

    Dedicate is strong on ERI and patch diseases as well as offering useful control over a range of foliar pathogens. Dedicate is a must in any program.

    Headway Maxx 9 L/Ha

    The only dual systemic fungicide that controls and prevents all major turf diseases.

    Banner Maxx 5 to 10 L/Ha

    Banner Maxx is an excellent choice to use early curatively, after first disease symptoms become evident.

    Velista 1 to 1.5 kg/Ha

    Velista is a broad spectrum fungicide recommended for the control of many important diseases of turfgrass.

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