Pythium Root Rot


Affected turf may appear thin, off colour and growth slows. It may occur in patches or as a general decline of large areas.

  1. General Information

    Conditions Favouring Disease

    Pythium Root Rot occurs in areas with high soil moisture, poor drainage and low light. Hot days, humid or rainy weather when the night temperatures are warm, above 20 degrees C.

    Management Tips

    Water in the mornings, infrequently and deeply. Remove thatch, ensure good light penetration into turf canopy. Avoid mowing during moist, hot weather.

  2. Treating Solutions
    Signature Xtra Stressgard 5.5 – 16.5 kg/Ha

    Signature Xtra Stressgard is proven to protect turf from stresses during summer decline, improves turf colour, density, vigour, uniformity and playability.

    Banol 6.5 L/Ha

    Banol is a proven, reliable systemic fungicide which is highly effective in controlling Pythium diseases.

    Subdue Maxx 1.7 to 3.5 L/Ha

    Subdue Maxx is an economical control of Pythium in all turf species, suitable for protection of germinating seedlings during overseeding.

    Headway Maxx 9 L/Ha

    The only dual systemic fungicide that controls and prevents all major turf diseases.

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