White Clover

white clover

White Clover usually occurs in parkland and golf fairways throughout early winter and spring. It flourishes with heavy rainfall or irrigation. The abundance of flowers also attracts insects such as bees which can be a nuisance to those using the playing area.

  1. General Information

    White Clover is a creeping perennial, broadleaf weed. With 3 leaflets that are oval shaped and can form a heart shape when it matures. The leaves grow from a smooth, hairless stem.Flowers are abundant and are typically white or pink. The plant can reach up to 1 mt wide with the stems growing to 30 cm in length.

  2. Treating Solutions
    ProForce Duke 100WG 100-150g/Ha

    ProForce Duke 100WG is safe to apply on Kikuyu and Couchgrass to control a wide range of weeds and grasses in sportsfields and fairways. For the best suppression of Wintergrass, it is best to target younger weed plants.

    Dicamba M 6.5 L/Ha

    Dicamba M is a broadleaf used to control bindii, capeweed, catsear, chickweed, clover, wireweed and many more more weeds in turf. It is an economical solution for broadleaf weed control and is used extensively to eradicate hard to kill weeds.

    Stadium 5 L/Ha

    Stadium has low odour, and is a schedule 5, making it easy to use and safer to use in public environments.

    Fairway 4 to 5 L/Ha

    Fairway will provide a quick weed knockdown as well as being one of the broadest spectrum broadleaf weed herbicides available on the market, registered to control 11 weeds.

    Spearhead 5 L/Ha

    Spearhead is the industry leading broadleaf weed control option in the turf industry.

    Casper 1.2 kg/Ha

    The wide spectrum broadleaf weed specialist in a convenient water dispersible granular formulation.

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