Nutrite 15-0-30 N-Fusion 2 kg/100

Nutrite 15-0-30 N-Fusion is a homogeneous micro-particle fertiliser that is ideal for greens and tees. N-Fusion is an innovative technology of rapidly dissolving granules that minimizes mower pick-up with a light irrigation. Containing 50% of the nitrogen from Methydure, this will provide gradual feeding for up to 12 weeks, also containing a high rate of potassium to improve drought tolerance and greater disease resistance.

Nutrite 16-24-8 Turf Starter 3 kg/100

Nutrite 16-24-8 Turf Starter is a professional fertiliser suitable for greens, tees or fairways. 25% of the nitrogen is from UMAXX stabilized nitrogen, and the potassium source is in the safer sulfate form. Nutrite 16-24-8 will enhance spring green up and improve vigour of phosphorus-deficient turf.

Nutrite 17-0-17 2kg/100

Nutrite 17-0-17,  is an homogeneous professional turf fertiliser designed for greens and tees. Methydure slow release nitrogen is a trusted technology that has a gradual, consistent release and longevity that allows for the effective feeding of turfgrass for up to 12-16 weeks.

Nutrite 46-0-0 UFLEXX 75 kg/Ha

Nutrite 46-0-0 UMAXX is an excellent nitrogen source with improved nitrogen efficiency which gives you an intense green colour for up to 6 to 8 weeks.

Nutrite 46-0-0 UMAXX 75 kg/Ha

Nutrite 46-0-0- UMAXX is a completely soluble granular fertiliser that can be sprayed or spread. Using unique nitrogen inhibitors for release, the inhibitors work to slow soil bacteria from converting ammonium into nitrate, which is highly subject to denitrification and leaching.

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