Growth Products

Bio Nutrients 8-1-9 2.26 kg/Ha

Bio Nutrients 8-1-9 improves poor soil conditions, revitalizes soil, promotes stronger and faster rooting, contains an organic biostimulant and soil conditioner, and is packed in an easy to use 2.26 kg tub.

Companion 2-3-2 12 L/Ha

Companion 2-3-2 contains Bacillus subtillus GB03 which is classified as a Plant Growth-Promoting Rhizobacteria. PGPR are free living bacteria that have beneficial effects on plants as they enhance rooting and stimulate growth. Helps prevent, suppress and control soil and foliar diseases.

Essential Plus 1-0-1 12 L/Ha

Essential Plus 1-0-1 contains more nutrients than any other competitive product. Essential Plus will rejuvenate soil structure as well as stimulating roots which intern provides plant growth. Essential will improve plant physiology with sugars, 21 amino acids and nutrient that are available in N-P-K fertilisers.

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